I’m so happy to be writing on this blog again as it has been so long.  Like some other multi-potentials, I’ve had a hard to time clarifying, organizing and managing all my interests., but I feel that this Blog site will help me in doing so as well as in helping me to share my online media artwork, ebooks, and other information related to our multiple challenges in life.

This is a home for those who have been gifted with many talents, interests and insights.  It is a place you can resonate with others who may also be gifted such as yourself, but have often been labeled “scattered,” “unfocused,” or “lacking direction or commitment.”  People misunderstand us and don’t always realize the gifts we offer.  As a result, many times we can wonder what’s wrong with us and thus focus on self-limiting negative beliefs.  We end up being controlled by these subconscious negative beliefs about ourselves as well as by our fears and anxieties.   No matter how many positive affirmations we say to ourselves, if we don’t address changing these, we will not be able to harness our many passions and work towards goals with a strong belief in our abilities.  We need to trust ourselves and take one step at a time.

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed, but instead of viewing the big picture (which I a natural at and maybe you), it’s better to look 10 feet ahead of you during each step, just like if you are a runner.  You will be amazed at the distance you will cover.  All good advice, but I am just now starting to implement this.  I also will be practicing some EFT-the Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve some deep negative beliefs of mine that are self-sabatoging my efforts.  I think perhaps many of us may have these, especially if we are a highly sensitive type that grew up in an abusive home.  We all of course are subject to the negative criticism of our society that does recognize our true potential.  We must turn within and listen to our own inner guidance, not the worlds.